Image published in The Daily Telegraph!

Delighted to have had an image from IF : Milton Keynes International Festival published in The Daily Telegraph.

We have documented the Festival since its inception in 2010 with each one covering 10 busy and amazing days of music, performance and cultural engagement.

The “For The Birds” installation brought a number of the most dynamic sound artists in the UK together to create a series of works in historic Linford Wood, Milton Keynes.

Undertaken as a self-guided trail, at night, the ability to capture not only the installations but also people engagement was a photographic challenge as normally, in these conditions you have to shoot for one or the other.

But at the preview and my first walk through the experience, as the light fell fast, I managed to capture this image as a couple walked unposed through the piece by Ulf Petersen which draws you into a tunnel of light. There was just enough balance of ambient light and illumination to keep the image and the couple sufficiently sharp as they passed through the optimum point visually.

©shaun_armstrong - mubsta.com_ForTheBirdsShot handheld on Fuji xPro2 with 23mm f2.0 1/8 at f2.0

More images from IF: 2018 to follow

See slideshows of previous IF festival documenting.

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