New architectural and team photography for property development company.

Bedfordia Property undertakes significant property developments in both industrial and residential sectors.

We supported their updated website and rebranding through a new library of unique imagery.



Bedfordia Property’s projects range from industrial new build, reuse and regeneration to greenfield and brownfield residential projects of scale. Whether as lead, funder, facilitator or investor or a mixture of all.

What became key within the planning phase was the importance of future vision, values and more intangible qualities that differentiated the creative side of the business, given the predominance of building and location photography required. It didn’t want to look like a property letting or estate-agent operation with just images of Site A, Building B etc.

Working closely with the Directors and all parts of the team, a short-list of key established sites was considered which were then scoped for visual opportunities both literal and abstract/aesthetic and as potential case-study stories. A plan was also considered to capture the team in action, working with clients and professional partners to illustrate the personal and human side of the operation. Finally, new personal portraits of the key staff were required.

The images were then planned in to make the best use of time, weather and light-direction / quality and a range of images produced for their image library. These images range from high-quality architectural studies of the building/developments, concentrating on presentation of reality along with more abstract takes of roofs, construction elements and materials, considering negative skyspace to aid the design of brochure layouts.

In addition to the bright, colour photography a series of key images were created in monochrome, directly from the digital negatives rather than merely flipping the image to black and white, to produce statement images in line with brand guidelines.

These images can now be seen throughout the new website and other materials in production. Also, core images have been licenced into artworks to decorate the newly refurbished Bedfordia Group Head Office Boardroom.

more on our full business image library

more on artwork for your building

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