Are you creative, curious or both?

“Creativity & Curiosity” is a fascinating art-meets-science project led by Acuity Arts and we were delighted to document their high-profile installation and talk at the 2017 Cambridge Science Festival.


Three artists Ione Parkin (Paint and mixed media), Alison Lochhead (metal) and Gillian McFarland (paper and glass) produced a body of work which came together for the first time at the Fair. Working with astronomers from Imperial College, Cambridge and Leicester Universities, the pieces represent their response to the science that inspired and shaped their work.

The event comprised a showcase of work at Christ’s College, Cambridge where the artists talked all things art and astronomy with the visitors, including keynote speaker Gary Fildes, the founder and driving force behind the highly successful Kielder Observatory.


Our role was to capture the quality of the installation and the interaction with visitors in a natural reportage way. We also documented¬†the inspiring and passionate¬†talk given by Gary, mixing science (I’m afraid it lost me after a while) with the story of his journey from misunderstood kid and bricklayer to astronomy expert and entrepreneur. As his book jacket says “move over Brian Cox”!

Read more about the Creativity and Curiosity project at Acuity Arts.

Find out more about our key event reportage services.

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