Green Chapel. IF : Milton Keynes International Festival project wins photography award…

One of the cornerstones of the highly successful IF : Milton Keynes International Festival, for whom we are proud to be official documenting photographers, is its close partnership-working with artists and the local business community.


One such project for IF : 2016 was Green Chapel, sponsored and built by landscape builders Bridgman & Bridgman, which has won the People’s Choice Award in the Green Roof Beauty photography Contest. Run by CEEweb for Biodiversity, a network lobbying for sustainable development, it beat entries across Central and Eastern Europe.

The pop-up timber-framed “shed”, placed in Centre:MK’s Queen’s Court, used reclaimed materials and had the feel of a mini cathedral with beautiful stained-glass windows and a vaulted ceiling but most importantly a green living roof of natural grasses and wild flowers.


Winning Entry ©mubsta.com2016

Built in collaboration with IF:2014 Artist In Residence Rosemary Lee, it was designed to hold a travelling cinema installation known as Liquid Gold Is The Air a 2015 film presentation drawn from the 2014 live performance Under The Vaulted Sky. This was a moving dance piece set in Milton Keynes’s Cathedral of Trees, a green space planted to represent the layout of Norwich Cathedral and which featured local dancers, including Mrs Bridgman! So lots of interesting parallels.

Green Chapel was subsequently donated to a local Urban Farm as a teaching room after its role at IF:2016 was complete.

Congratulations to Bridgman and Bridgman on entering this image – here are some more of our official images from the Green Chapel.

Read more about Liquid Gold is The Air including our interview with Rosemary Lee

See images from Under The Vaulted Sky and IF :2014



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