Behind The Business – Parrish Farms know their onions

As part of our Be Central Bedfordshire programme we undertook our “Behind The Business” documentary photography solution at Parrish Farms to support and promote the specialist Argi-food sector.


Parrish Farms are located on the Greensand Ridge in Central Bedfordshire having extensively farmed land between Chicksands and Sandy since 1927.

Their main crops are onions and shallots, where they supply local shops to national supermarket chains and beyond. In addition they have developed a range of seed crops for bird-feeding products and also the increasingly popular cereal crop Quinoa.

The range of imagery included capturing the team harvesting, to the sorting and packaging process plus their investment in sustainable farming processes and energy management such as wind-turbine and solar panel solutions.

Working closely with the Directorate we scoped the various elements of their wide-ranging operation and then travelled extensively across the farm to capture the people and operation in action.

Always mindful it’s a commercial entity our imagery was all captured in real-time with no set-ups or posed situations, to reflect the business in an authentic but creative way. A lot of walking and chasing farm machinery took place!

The photos are fabulous – we all love them” James Parrish, Director, Parrish Farms – onions and shallots – bird seed products

Be Central Bedfordshire

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