Live Performance Photography – Under The Vaulted Sky – the sequel – Liquid Gold Is The Air

One of the most exciting and original works performed at the IF : Milton Keynes International Festival 2014 was the interpretive dance piece by artist-in-residence choreographer Rosemary Lee entitled “Under The Vaulted Sky”.

Under Vaulted Sky by Rosemary Lee - IF : Milton Keynes International Festival 2014

Set in amongst the Cathedral of Trees, an open air venue planted with trees and bushes to mirror the layout of Norwich Cathedral, performers took the audience through a variety of spaces to interact with nature in movement, sound and dance.

As part of our Official Role as Festival Photographers I captured the performance live, in one take, creating images reflecting the space, the performers, the details and the audience context with hopefully an equally artistic eye. A small selection of those images can be seen below.

As part of the work a film was produced during the Festival which has been edited and compiled in 2015 into a visual work called “Liquid Gold Is The Air”. It is being presented as a “digital triptych” comprising three screens housed in a beautiful wooden frame, like an alter-piece and is now touring a number of physical spaces around the country, including Norwich Cathedral from 8th to 24th May 2015.

I had the pleasure of chatting to Rosemary about the work, developed with Roswitha Cheshire, when it was previewed briefly in St Andrew’s Church, Great Linford close to the location of the Cathedral of Trees in Milton Keynes. The presentation is quite spellbinding especially set in a physical historical location and is worth a visit if you can.

Liquid Gold Is The Air

Read about Liquid Gold Is The Air at

Read more about IF Milton Keynes International Festival 2014 and see highlight images and slideshow



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